A U S T R A L I A N   F A S C I A   S Y M P O S I U M  –  S E P T E M B E R   2 0 2 0
David Lesondak

David Lesondak BCSI, ATSI, FST, FFT, IAHE

Author of Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters, Fascia Specialist, Structural Integrator, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Center for Integrative Medicine

Topic: Fascial release – What are we really releasing?

“You can’t change fascia”. We hear, see, and read this a lot (especially on social media) and while there are good arguments to be made for the primacy of the nervous system, or the BPS Model, and so on, it’s important that we understand the underlying mechanisms behind fascial change.

  • What are we releasing?
  • Are we actually remodelling the fascial network?
  • Or just giving it a series of nudges in the right direction?
  • If so, how does that work?
  • What are we nudging?
  • Is it palpatory pareidoilia?
  • Is that even a thing?
  • If fascia takes so long to change pathology, then why do we get such quick results?
  • What do we mean when we talk about these things?
  • How should we talk about these things?
  • Fasten your seat belt and put your laptop in the upright lock position.

You won’t want to miss a second of this lecture.

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