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Robert Schliep
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Dr. Robert Schleip

Dr. Robert Schleip, Director of Fascia Research Group, Ulm University, Germany

Topic: Latest news from the international science field with implications for manual and movement therapist.

The field of international fascia research is currently one of the most dynamic and most inter-disciplinary fields within musculoskeletal medicine.
This includes the recent discovery of highly sensitive mechano-receptors on fascial fibroblasts (piezo2), new insights about surprising would healing dynamics, novel and affordable imaging and measurement devices, an improved understanding of the function of recently discovered telocytes (along with fibrocytes and so-called‚ conduits‘ in the matrix), as well as an unravelling of the slow-working but powerful interactions between the sympathetic nervous system and fascial stiffness regulation.

While it may be breathtaking or confusing for clinicians to follow the rapid developments in this field, Dr. Schleip loves to serve as an inspired bridge for selecting and translating the most relevant scientific news into concrete clinical applications. This will apply to manual therapy, such as osteopathic or deep tissue work, as well as for integrative movement approaches like yoga, Pilates, martial art, dance or stretching.

Welcome to the exciting field of fascia research oriented inspirations for clinical practice.

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